Pastor's Page

May 2015

Greetings Dear Ones! As we continue our "march" through Spring and the Easter Season, one question comes to mind. As we near Summer with an ever improving weather outlook, What about Me? Am I also moving forward in an ever "Improving Way"? What have I done with the reality of Jesus' resurrection? Have I let it touch my life in a way that "Raises the Roof" and "Tears Down" the walls I've built up around me? You the the type of "walls" I'm talking about as we're so good at constructing barriers.

How am I doing at relationships with family, friends and God? Have I let "The Light" of second chances and secure futures move from an abandoned tomb to a future where I can let fear and problems be cast aside and live in fearlessness? A fearlessness that only comes through the recognition...I am a Child of God. And not only a child but as John reminds us in his 1st letter, "See what love the Father has given us that we should be called children of God. What we will be has not yet been revealed. Yet what we do know is this, when he is revealed we will be like Him for we will see Him as He is!"

How does the acceptance and resurrection and love of God change me in how I live and do life? A story comes to mind.....
        There's a great story about the artist Rodin, who one day saw a huge carved crucifix sitting beside the road. He
        immediately loved the intricate artwork and insisted on having it for himself. He purchased the cross and
        arranged to have it carted back to his house. But unfortunately, it was too big for the building. So, of all
        things, he knocked out the walls, raised the roof and rebuilt his home around the cross.

As we continue to live in the light of the resurrection, what am I doing to "renovate" the "house" I live in? Has the message of Easter and God's unconditional love and acceptance given me the courage to extend and share such a love with others? Am I a work in progress being "rebuilt" around the Cross? Great question! Questions which only you and I can answer in our own time and way. Take time this year, as Spring rapidly heads towards Summer and before vacations grasp all of our attention, and ask yourself a simple question...Where does The Cross occupy the House I live? You might need to "knock down some walls" and "raise some roofs" but...Think about What and "who" it is you're making room for!

May the Lord of all Resurrections, Acceptance and 2nd Chances renovate you into the person you were always meant to be!

Pastor Bob